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PreVaill School Bus Coated Fabrics

PreVaill School Bus upholstery has been designed and manufactured for school bus seating applications that demand durability, cleanability and flame-resistant qualities that may help save children's lives in the event of a fire or accident. PreVaill School Bus upholstery passes Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 302 (MVSS302) Flame Test for interior vehicle applications, making the product safer and more reliable.

OMNOVA’s PreVaill School Bus upholstery is widely used in new school bus seats, replacement seats, refurbishment projects, and other technically demanding applications.

There are several reasons why PreVaill School Bus coated fabrics are a popular choice. The pliable, easy-to-handle fabric makes installation easier and faster, with wrinkle free results, and no sags or seam splitting. Most importantly, the upholstery resists peeling, cracking puncture and abrasions. It is designed to keep its shape during the harshest of weather conditions, all of which leads to longer life and lower operating costs.

When treated with OMNOVA’s proprietary PreFixx protective finish, PreVaill School Bus upholstery is easy to wipe clean. Many more difficult stains like ballpoint ink or markers can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol without risk of discoloration to the finish.