Coated Fabrics for Public Mass Transit

PreVaill Transit coated fabrics have been engineered specifically for mass transit including rail and bus passenger seating applications. Every design is engineered to meet the stringent requirements of the industry and most include PreFixx Protective Finish for added cleanability and durability enabling transit systems to reduce maintenance costs while improving rider satisfaction. Available in standard and custom patterns and colors, PreVaill Transit upholsteries afford unmatched design flexibility, providing the look and feel of fabric or leather.

Relevant Upholstery Designs

PreFixx Protective Finish

  • PreFixx Protective Finish delivers unmatched durability and cleanability, resulting in longer lasting seat covers and improved life cycle costs over woven fabrics
  • Durable to resist stain penetration and wear
  • Easy to maintain; most stains wipe away with just soap and water
  • Challenging stains can be cleaned with common cleaners and disinfectants
  • Shown to resist discoloration from approved chemical cleaners

Custom Capability

Whether it's a custom color, texture or fabric construction to meet a specific performance specification, OMNOVA has the technical and manufacturing expertise to meet your needs. Our unique ability to partner begins with listening to your requirements, developing a custom specification and delivering pre-production samples for approval. Then, we are there at every step to ensure that your program is delivered on-time and on-budget.