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Proposition 65

In the State of California, Proposition 65 requires businesses to provide warnings about a wide range of naturally occurring and synthetic chemicals believed by the state of California to cause cancer or to have reproductive toxicity. The list currently contains more than 900 chemicals, and requires label warnings on a wide range of consumer products.

Some products supplied by OMNOVA may contain chemicals on the Prop 65 list. “Safe harbor” exposure levels have been established for some, but not all, Prop 65 chemicals. In some cases, testing and a risk assessment may be required to establish acceptable exposure levels for specific applications and uses. Consumer products that can be demonstrated to have exposures less than the safe harbor level for specific chemicals may not require labeling.

Due to the presence of Proposition 65 listed chemicals in certain products, you may have concerns about compliance with Proposition 65. If so, you may wish to consult an expert to consider whether product labeling is appropriate. More information on Proposition 65 can be found here.