Coating Resins for Architectural Uses

OMNOVA coating resins and additives are used in the formulation of primers, paints and coatings that protect architectural surfaces, while enhancing their aesthetics. Our chemistries protect masonry, stucco, concrete, drywall and wood, from weathering, yellowing, moisture, efflorescence, staining and more. They also promote the desired appearance properties of specific applications, including matte or glossy finishes for paints and masonry coatings, and wet look finishes for concrete.  

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For Primers

Our resins for primers can reduce the need for multiple coatings, enhance paint adherence and can impart stain-blocking and waterblocking properties for a variety of substrates.

For Masonry Coatings

Our resins for masonry coatings can provide a variety of performance features, including reducing the need for multiple coats and external thickeners and enhancing adhesion, as well as protect the substrate from moisture, chemicals, weathering and more.

For Exterior Paint

Our resins for exterior paints form tough, durable films, featuring UV, weathering and chemical resistance properties, and impart the desired aesthetic finish.

For Interior Paint

Our resins for interior paints form films with good adhesion and hardness, and deliver strong covering power and color retention, as well as the desired aesthetics.

For Vertical Coatings

Our resins for vertical coatings offer good adhesion to masonry and concrete substrates, as well as excellent tensile and elongation properties, low temperature curing, and good crack bridging.