Concrete Protection & Additives

OMNOVA offers chemistries for concrete admixtures and protection used across a variety of markets and industries. Our additives enhance the performance features of cement, such as improving its compressive and flexural strength, enhancing adhesion, optimizing the cure rate, achieving the desired malleability, and promoting resistance to oil, salts, moisture and acid rain. We also manufacture additives for coatings and stains that protect poured concrete from abrasion, blushing, efflorescence, weathering and more. 

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For Concrete Coating, Stains and Sealers

Our resins are used to formulate concrete coatings, stains and sealers that enhance the weathering, durability and aesthetic properties of poured concrete.

For Concrete Curing

Our concrete curing chemistries enable formulators to develop admixtures with the desired balance of cure rate and malleability.

For Concrete Admixtures

Our additives are used to formulate concrete admixtures that enhance the compressive and flexural strength, temperature/pressure stability, weathering, durability and aesthetic properties of concrete.