Drilling Fluid Additives and Systems

OMNOVA’s high performance drilling fluid additives have earned a strong reputation with nearly two decades of delivering customized solutions to service providers in a broad range of drilling conditions. From deepwater and extended-reach drilling to conventional applications, OMNOVA’s Pexo-branded family of polymers deliver exceptional value.

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For Defoamers

Additives which destroy foam or prevent foam formation in water-based drilling fluids to assure an accurate specific gravity.

For Drilling Fluid Systems

Improve well economics and performance with fewer products and easier wellsite transportation and handling, and competitive costs. Pexostart High Performance Water-Based Fluid System combines the key ingredients into one product, allowing for simple enhancement and improved performance.

For Fluid Loss Control (Water Based)

OMNOVA’s water-based additives rely on special deformable microparticles that survive high salt and high temperature environments to provide downhole plugging in bottom hole temperatures up to 400 °F (204 °C).

For Lost Circulation Materials

OMNOVA’s lost circulation materials (LCM) are environmentally preferred and can be applied through the drill string into any fracture to create a strong bridge across the loss zone. This unique process can be applied with the rig equipment to place the slurry inside the fracture and then perform a squeeze to begin the dewatering process. Pexoplug LCM products can cure losses instantly without time or temperature dependency.

For Lubricants

Reducing torque and drag not only accelerates rates of penetration (ROP), but also increases bit and tool life. Pexolube lubricants can be used for both water-based and emulsion fluids to enhance ROP, reduce friction, and help prevent bit "balling."

For Non-Aqueous Emulsifiers

Pexomul 700 Series emulsifiers are concentrated secondary emulsifiers providing effective oil wetting, improving upon today’s conventional products. Can be used in both diesel and synthetic fluids. Pexomul 500 Series emulsifiers provide effective emulsification properties that are a step above the conventional products available today.

For Shale Inhibitors

OMNOVA’s shale inhibitors inhibit water transfer into shale formations resulting in a more stable wellbore. Our complete line of products mitigate reactive formation swelling, avoiding stuck pipe and non-productive time.