Laminates by Portfolios

No other laminate supplier can match OMNOVA’s breadth of designs and range of product constructions. OMNOVA designs and manufactures a wide range of decorative laminates from value-priced Paper Laminates to high-performance surf(x) 3D Laminates, allowing customers to value-engineer products.

With OMNOVA’s harmony Program, which features matching designs across our constructions, fabricators can value-engineer their products using the level of performance required by the application without color variance or the complexity associated with coordinating products across suppliers. 

Paper Laminates

  • Paper Laminates are an attractive, functional and affordable alternative to solid wood components
  • Suitable for a variety of light duty, low-wear applications
  • Can be flat-laminated or profile-wrapped to wood and wood-based substrates
  • Range of performance coatings available including coatings that simulate the tactile feel of real wood

2D Laminates

  • OMNOVA's 2D Laminates are flexible polymer surfacing products suitable for widespread decorative and functional applications
  • Can be flat-laminated or profile-wrapped to wood substrates or used in the fabrication of building products including window and door profiles
  • radiance 2D Laminates feature a high temperature formulation which allows them to be hot-laminated to metal or plastic substrates. Their high-specification formulation provides gloss level, embossing, and color consistency

3D Laminates

  • 3D Laminates are also known as rigid thermofoils (RTF)
  • Can be membrane-pressed or vacuum formed to contoured surface profiles to eliminate need for T-molding, edgebanding, visible seams and special edge treatments
  • A wide selection of patterns and designs includes solid colors, realistic woodgrains and abstract patterns.
  • surf(x) 3D Laminates provide a higher level of durability than OMNOVA standard 3D Laminates. With added marring and abrasion resistance as well as improved stain resistance, they are suitable for use on many horizontal surfaces, including counters, tabletops and work surfaces.

Specialty Laminates

  • Acrylic films for fabrication of bath and shower liners, wall surrounds and related products for the bathroom remodeling industry
  • Attractive, realistic stone and marble designs with looks that rival the real thing
  • Easily cleaned and maintained