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Echo 3D and surf(x) Echo 3D Laminates

Our Echo 3D and surf(x) Echo 3D Laminates use the latest Emboss-In-Register (EIR) technology to produce realistic woodgrains and – for the first time ever – beautiful stone surfaces with unmatched realism.

Our expertly crafted surf(x) Echo 3D Laminate finishes feature OMNOVA’s exclusive surf(x) technology for increased resistance to scratches, abrasion, and chemical cleaners, making surf(x) Echo 3D laminates ideal for horizontal surface applications such as retail fixtures, work surfaces, counters and tabletops.

  • True to Nature: With the EIR process, our laminates really simulate nature. This innovative technology allows the texture to "echo" the design for a realistic look and feel.
  • Breadth of Design: Echo 3D and surf(x) Echo 3D Laminates include stone, traditional woodgrain, and new plank designs, providing enhanced realism in a variety of design options to meet your application needs from countertops, work surfaces, and cabinetry to retail shelves and furniture for an attractive, seamless appearance.
  • Hi-Definition: Our Echo 3D and surf(x) Echo 3D Laminates benefit from improved high-definition printing technology that provides more detail and depth of image for attractive, jaw-dropping design definition and quality.
  • Durable, Cleanable Finish: Our surf(x) Echo 3D Laminates offer the highest level of durability with enhanced resistance to abrasion, chemical cleaners, scratching and impact, providing a long-lasting, "like-new" appearance. Easy clean-up - usually with just soap and water.