Flat Lamination

Flat Lamination is an automated process of taking a decorative laminate in roll form and utilizing an adhesive to bond the laminate to sheets of MDF (medium density fiberboard), particle board or other board types. This efficient and cost-effective process quickly applies a decorative surface to the board for installation and use in sheet form or for further processing such as v-grooving for miter folding. OMNOVA radiance 2D Laminates are specially formulated to be flat laminated to plastic or metal.

OMNOVA Laminates that are engineered for Flat Lamination include:

  • Paper Laminates
  • (Standard) 2D Laminates
  • radiance 2D Laminates
  • surf(x) Miterfoldable Laminates
  • surf(x) 3D Laminates

Learning About the Process

OMNOVA's flat lamination films (2D Laminates) are designed to enhance the surfaces of a wide range of interior products from furniture to cabinetry to architectural columns and wall protection systems. Depending on their formulation, the OMNOVA Laminate can be flat laminated to wood, MDF, metal or plastic substrates. In this short video, you will learn how OMNOVA's laminates are flat laminated to create high performance decorative surfaces that simulate real wood or stone finishes.