Membrane Pressing

Membrane Pressing is the process by which a 3D Laminate is bonded to a composite wood substrate using adhesives during a heated thermoforming process. The process enables components to be made with contoured surface profiles and seamless edges, eliminating the need for edge banding and special edge treatments.

OMNOVA products engineered for membrane pressing include our (standard) 3D Laminates and surf(x) 3D Laminates.

Learn about the Membrane Pressing Process

  • They can be used to create ergonomic edge profiles for work surfaces
  • With membrane pressing, healthcare furnishing OEMs can fabricate seamless patient furnishings which may help mitigate the risk of dirt and bacterial accumulation as well as make cleaning easier
  • Brand owners can incorporate punch-outs and logos to reinforce branding throughout a retail or food service environment
  • Designers love the creative freedom. Creative shapes and concave and convex surfaces are only the beginning!