Laminates for Healthcare

OMNOVA Solutions is a leading designer and manufacturer of decorative laminates used in healthcare environments and furnishings. Our surf(x) 3D Laminates have developed a strong reputation in healthcare environments due to their durability and dimensional flexibility. surf(x) 3D Laminates can be membrane-pressed or vacuum-formed, eliminating the need for T-molding, edgebanding and visible seams. A seamless design may help mitigate potential contaminants and can simplify cleaning.

A stringent program of frequent cleaning and disinfecting has been shown to reduce the risk of hospital acquired infections. OMNOVA’s surf(x) 3D Laminates have been engineered to be safely cleaned and disinfected with many standard cleaners and disinfectants without discoloring or damaging the finish when the recommended cleaning instructions are followed.

Our design portfolio includes a wide range realistic woodgrains and stones. With our domestic manufacturing and extensive stock programs, partnering with OMNOVA can reduce your inventory requirements and assist you in quickly bringing new products to market. 

Relevant Laminates Designs

The OMNOVA Advantage

  • Chemical resistant products that can be cleaned and disinfected without discoloring or damaging the finish
  • Membrane pressable products for seamless designs
  • Broad design range including realistic woodgrains and stones,
  • Extensive stock offering

surf(x) 3D Laminates - The Premier Surfacing Option

  • Enables furnishings such as cabinet fronts and over-the-bed tables to be produced without seams; seamless design may help mitigate potential contaminants and simplify cleaning
  • Chemical resistant; surfaces can be cleaned and disinfected with leading chemicals without worry about damage to color or finish when recommended cleaning instructions are followed


  • Operatory cabinetry
  • Patient furnishings, including head wall, over-the-bed tables and dressers
  • Waiting room furnishings
  • Nurses' stations