harmony Exclusive Program

OMNOVA’s harmony Exclusive laminates enable seamless design and color matching across multiple OMNOVA product constructions — Paper, 2D, 3D Laminates including surf(x) 3D Laminates, surf(x) Miterfoldable and surf(x) Sheet Laminates – for beautiful value-engineered components.

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Enhance Your Aesthetics While Simplifying Your Supply Chain

Learn how OMNOVA's harmony Exclusive laminates can give you a competitive edge when fabricating cabinets, furniture and fixtures. By using OMNOVA original designs produced in multiple constructions, you can value engineer your components while streamlining your supply chain.

  • Flexibility: OMNOVA original designs can be produced in multiple constructions
  • Consistency: Effortless design uniformity across various cabinet, fixture, or furniture components
  • Value Engineering: Control end-product cost using a range of color-matched constructions based on performance requirements
  • Stop the Hunt: Eliminate the need for coordinating matching designs across manufacturers