surf(x) Sheet Laminates

OMNOVA's surf(x) Sheet Laminates are a color-through, impact-resistant sheet product designed for use in traditional High Pressure Laminate (HPL) type laminating and post-laminating as well as miter foldingsurf(x) Sheet Laminates can be used in both horizontal and vertical applications and provide the ideal balance of cost, flexibility and toughness.

surf(x) Sheet Laminates provide increased levels of resistance to impact, scratch, marring, chemical and abrasion relative to traditional HPL. Their increased stain and impact resistance make them especially suited for horizontal and vertical surfaces - such as retail fixtures, work surfaces, counters and table tops.

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Improved Aesthetics at a Lower Cost:

  • Consistent color - surf(x) Sheet Laminates deliver a color-through construction eliminating brown-lines
  • Cost savings - greater than 50% savings over the cost of traditional color-through HPL
  • Durable - abrasion and scratch resistance providing a long-lasting “like-new” appearance. Superior impact (up to 3x greater) and abrasion resistance, as compared to traditional high-pressure laminate
  • Color match - Exact color match to other OMNOVA laminate constructions including surf(x) 3D Laminates and 2D Laminates

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