Cement Modification

Acrygen D471

Acrylic binder is used in the modification of cement and concrete admixtures

Chemistry Type: Acrylic

Function(s): Concrete Protection & Additives, Binders

Acrygen D471 acrylic binder, used in the modification of cement and concrete admixtures, delivers superior compressive and flexural strength, as well as resistance to penetration of acid rain, oil and salts. It enhances the workability of cement, mortar and concrete, and allows adhesion to old and new concrete substrates.

Acrygen D471 also provides a strong, durable topcoat for re-coating SBR latex running track systems delivering excellent sheen while retarding oxidation and minimizing raveling. It features excellent UV and weather resistance to ensure non-yellowing and to prolong the beauty of the track color.

Key Advantages

  • Improves workability of cement, mortar and concrete at low water-to-cement ratios
  • Forms a tough film (sports surfaces)
  • Solvent free and water-based for easy clean up (sports surfaces)
  • Can be readily tinted with colored pigments (sports surfaces)
  • Very stable, minimizes clogging and fouling of application equipment (sports surfaces)
Off White
Physical Form
7 ºC
Brookfield Viscosity
500 cps (LVT #2 @ 60 rpm, 25 °C)
Chemistry Type
Solids (by weight)
50 %

Product Availability

North America, Latin America

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