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Lytron 1502

High gloss synthetic pigment for commercial-grade paper and paperboard

Chemistry Type: Hollow sphere plastic pigment (HPP or HSP)

Function(s): Print Enhancers

Lytron 1502 hollow plastic pigments (HPP) offer a smooth, even surface finish for coated paper and paperboard, as well as a number of other specialty applications. It delivers excellent gloss and ink holdout along with improved smoothness, opacity and brightness.

Key Advantages

  • 1 micron unimodal particle size distribution
  • Ammonia-free with enhanced chemical and mechanical stability
  • Light bulk weight
  • Excellent gloss and ink holdout
  • Improved smoothness, opacity and brightness (Does not interfere with OBA)
  • Ease of finishing
Brookfield Viscosity
462 cps (RV#3, 100 rpm @ 25 °C)
Chemistry Type
Hollow sphere plastic pigment (HPP or HSP)
Solids (by weight)
26.2 %

Product Availability

North America, Latin America

Contact Us for individual country availability.

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