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Lytron 450

Opacifier with wide compatibility featuring a large particle size for opacity efficiency

Chemistry Type: Styrene acrylic copolymer

Function(s): Opacifiers

Lytron 450 opacifier for bath and shower products, including liquid hand wash and soaps, features a large particle size for opacity efficiency and is compatible with a variety of formulations.

Key Advantages

  • Wide compatibility
  • Un-neutralized opacifier which does not need preservation
  • Large particle size which allows the formulation of products with intense white appearance
  • Excellent opacifying efficiency
  • Brilliant whiteness
Physical Form
Brookfield Viscosity
50 cps max (RVT #1 @ 20 rpm) at 25 °C
Chemistry Type
Styrene acrylic copolymer
Solids (by weight)
44 - 46 %
2.05 - 2.50

Product Availability

China, Asia (excl. China, incl. India), South Pacific, EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa)

Contact Us for individual country availability.

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