Removable PSA Adhesive

NovaCryl PS-R 300

Removable pressure sensitive adhesive for masking and painter's tapes, labels and protective films

Chemistry Type: Acrylic

Function(s): Adhesives & Sealants

NovaCryl PS-R 300 water-based pressure sensitive adhesive is suitable for removable applications, offering high solids, as well as excellent plasticizer and humidity resistance. It also provides low adhesion build and cling effect properties.

Key Advantages

  • Low-to-medium peel and tack
  • Low adhesion build and clean removability from most surfaces
Physical Form
-37 ºC
Brookfield Viscosity
350 cps (LVT #2 @ 60 rpm, 25 °C)
Surface Tension
38 dyne/cm
Solids (by weight)
60 %
Ionic Character
Mechanical Stability

Product Availability

North America, Latin America

Contact Us for individual country availability.

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