oil and gas drilling rig

Pexoplug 758

Dewatering plug for lost circulation control

Chemistry Type: Blend of polymer, natural fibers and minerals

Function(s): Drilling Fluid Additives

Pexoplug 758 dewatering system can be applied through the drill string into any fracture to create a strong bridge across the loss zone. Can be applied with the rig to place the slurry inside the fracture and then a squeeze can be performed to begin dewatering.

Key Advantages

  • Single-sack system
  • Easy mixing and pumping
  • No spacer required
  • No setting time required
  • Environmentally preferred; complies with all LC50 Bioassy Report requirements
  • Contaminant friendly
  • Mixes in all types of fluids
  • Temperature stable in bottomhole temperatures up to 204 °C (400 °F)
Color Other
Grey to Black
Physical Form
Average Particle Size
10 - 15 µm
Particle Size (Max)
40 - 50 µm
Specific Gravity
1.84 @ room temperature (RT)
Solids (by weight)
100 %

Product Availability

Asia (excl. China, incl. India), China, EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa), Latin America, North America, South Pacific

Contact Us for individual country availability.

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