Rheology Modifiers

PolyFox PF-2002

Anionic fluorinated (C2F5) polyether polymer for aqueous formulations

Chemistry Type: Fluorinated polyether diammonium disulfate salt

Function(s): Fluorosurfactants, Coating Resins & Additives

PolyFox PF-2002 wetting, flow and leveling agent is designed for US DfE compliant floor finish applications.

Key Advantages

  • Improved surface appearance
  • Incorporation into coating formulations results in dramatically reduced air entrainment, which reduces surface defects
  • Clear and uniform in appearance
  • Ability to perform both as a deaerator and as a flow and leveling agent
  • Colorless
  • Light Straw
Physical Form
Brookfield Viscosity
50 - 100 cps
9.15 lb/gal
Chemistry Type
Fluorinated polyether diammonium disulfate salt
8.5 - 9.8

Product Availability

North America, Latin America

Contact Us for individual country availability.

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