Rheology Modifiers

PolyFox PF-636

Solvent soluble diol functional fluorinated (CF3) polyether polymer

Chemistry Type: Fluorinated polyether diol terminated

Function(s): Fluorosurfactants, Coating Resins & Additives

PolyFox PF-636 wetting, flow and leveling agent or reactive intermediate is suitable for solvent based industrial and maintenance coatings, adhesives, electronics, and lubricants.

Key Advantages

  • Performs both as a deaerator and as a flow and leveling agent
  • Incorporation into coating formulations results in improved coating appearance
  • Dramatically reduced air entrainment, minimizing surface defects
  • Clear and uniform in appearance
  • Excellent solubility – completely miscible in essentially all commonly used coatings solvents
  • 100% active – does not contain significant VOCs
  • Colorless
  • Light Straw
Physical Form
Brookfield Viscosity
1600 cps
10.0 lb/gal
Chemistry Type
Fluorinated polyether diol terminated

Product Availability

North America, Latin America, Asia (excl. China, incl. India), South Pacific, EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa)

Contact Us for individual country availability.

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