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General Product Information


Application Information

Physical Specifications

Weight (CFFA-700d)
28 oz/lin yd [18.7 oz/yd2]
Weight, Metric (CFFA-700d)
849 g/lin m [619 g/m2]
Width (CFFA-700a)
54 in. [137 cm]
Roll Size
40 lin yd [37 lin m]
Shipping Weight/ Roll
68 lb [31 kg]

Flame, Smoke & Toxicity

Meets or exceeds the following:
  • Cal Tech 117-2013 Sec 1
  • BIFMA - Class A
  • NFPA 260 Class 1
  • UFAC Fabric, Class 1
  • Cal AB 2998

Performance Features

Protective Finish
Adhesion #/in., min (CFFA-3)
4 Warp, 4 Fill
Tensile Strength #, min (CFFA-17)
85 Warp, 75 Fill
Tack Strength #, min (CFFA-14)
35 Warp, 30 Fill
Trap Tear Strength #, min (CFFA-16c)
20 Warp, 27 Fill
Wyzenbeek Abrasion (CFFA-1a)
1,200,000 Cotton Duck (double rubs)
Blocking (CFFA-4 No. 1)
W-Flex - 25,000 cycles (CFFA-10)
Crocking Resistance - 20 cycles no stain (CFFA-7)
Cold Crack (CFFA-6a)
-20 °F [-29 °C]
Compatible with Disinfectants
Yes. See Chem Resistance Tech Bulletin for more information.
Yes, 10% Bleach Solution

Brand: Boltaflex

Pattern: Aerial Boltaflex Aerial Aubergine - OMNOVA

Color: Aubergine

SKU: 539583

Aerial, a PreFixx top-coated vinyl upholstery supports the growing trend towards eco-friendly solutions in contract design

Aerial is a Boltaflex Ethos vinyl performance fabric from OMNOVA Solutions featuring our industry-leading PreFixx protective coating. Formulated without phthalates, fire retardants (FR), and antimicrobial (MR) additives, Boltaflex Ethos vinyl performance fabric support the growing trend towards eco-friendly solutions in contract design. Aerial features a unique printed pattern in a palette of on-trend colors perfect for office, hospitality, and healthcare settings. Boltaflex Ethos vinyl performance fabric are formulated with only those ingredients needed to provide durability, performance, and comfort.

A.C.T. Performance Guidelines


Office Furniture
Contract Seating
Dining Seating
Medical Furnishings
Guest room furnishings
Lobby furnishings & millwork
Interior Surfaces


Corporate Office
Food Service
Hospitality and Entertainment
Recreational Vehicles

Processing Methods