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Performance Films

Our extensive manufacturing experience and breadth of materials enable OMNOVA to produce custom engineered rigid, semi-rigid and flexible films, and fabrics for the fabrication of a variety of consumer and industrial products. We manufacture durable films in customized gauges and widths for a plethora of end use applications.

Our offering includes an extensive portfolio of ViewTex performance films designed for wall, floor, window, back-lit and specialty graphics applications for home décor and promotional purposes. These products can be customized for printability, adhesion, slip-resistance and protective features. ViewTex products are available in over 300 unique textures, delivering a truly amazing look and feel to any application.

Our films for commercial and residential ceiling tile are available in 2-5 mil constructions, and can be laminated to fiberglass, gypsum or mineral fiberboard substrates. Products for this end use are available in a wide range of textures designed to enhance interior aesthetics. Their reflective surface properties may improve the effectiveness of interior lighting, as well as reduce costs associated with energy usage. Our ceiling tile films are easily cleaned. Ceiling tile films can be used in variety of interior environments, ranging from clean rooms to decorative laminates for sound-proof tiles or open office systems. For acoustical ceiling panel applications, vinyl films are acoustically “neutral” and can be perforated to meet specific requirements.

OMNOVA films can be printed using digital, inkjet, gravure or silk screening techniques with either solvent or water-based inks. Custom color matching also is available. Our Performance Films are suitable for lamination to a variety of textiles and can be engineered to meet specifications for most applications, including UL, fire and regulatory requirements. OMNOVA's offering includes laminated fabric-backed industrial products for a range of applications, including decking, gaskets and athletic mats.

  • Constructions: rigid, semi-rigid and flexible
  • Gauges: 2 - 40 mils
  • Widths: 30 - 84 inches
  • Over 300 embosses (textures) for enhanced aesthetics and performance
  • Custom colors
  • Custom prints
  • Water resistance
  • Skid resistance
  • Durable, protective surface
  • Reinforcement of substrates and surfaces
  • Can provide reduced glare
  • Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring
  • Residential and commercial ceiling tile
  • Interior and exterior skid-resistant decking
  • Banners
  • Wall, floor, window, back-lit and specialty graphics
  • Tents and awnings
  • Shower pan liners and other industrial films
  • Theater screens
  • Swimming pool liners
  • Protective films
  • Wallcoverings
  • Mattress covers
  • Athletic mats
  • Landscape barriers
  • Pipe wrapping